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Triple glazing

The extra layer of glass in triple glazing gives it a higher U-value and better heat retention. Contact Southmead Glass & Glazing in Bristol to find out more and see how much you could save.

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Improve heat retention

A significant amount of warmth can be lost through your windows, which is why it’s so important to make sure that you’ve got good glazing. Made from three layers of glass with an inert gas between panes, our triple glazing is incredibly energy efficient, offering 20% more heat conservation than normal double glazing. A U-value refers to the thermal performance of a window – the lower the number, the less heat is lost. Double glazing ranges from around 3.7 – 1.2, however triple glazing is less than 1, offering incredible performance.

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Added security

Triple glazing is significantly harder to smash. The extra layer of glass means that they’re heavier than standard double glazing, so the frames and hinges are stronger. As it’s installed as a sealed unit, it’s also a lot more difficult to try and lever from the outside too, making your home or business much more secure.

Photo showing a white UPVC double glazed window.  This modern double glazing unit is locat

Reduce condensation in your property

Condensation forms when air collides with a cold surface. Moisture build up can cause issues with damp and mould, however triple glazing can help to take care of it. As there’s an extra layer between the inside and outside panes, the inner surface isn’t as cold, meaning moisture doesn’t form so you won’t have to worry about condensation on your windows.

detailed view through floor to ceiling double glazed window

Noise reduction

The extra layer of glazing can reduce noise levels, making your property much quieter. Combined with the added heat retention and extra security, triple glazing is a fantastic feature to highlight when it comes to selling. Speak to Southmead to find out more and experience our great workmanship, great value and great service for yourself.

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