Mirrors In Bristol

Whether you are looking for something unique and decorative, or large and practical, we can produce a wide range of mirrors in Bristol. We can produce everything from ornate dressing room mirrors through to wall mirrors for gyms and salons. Using your unique designs and our high attention to detail, we will accurately cut mirrors to size. Additionally, we can supply bevelled or polished edges for that extra finishing touch. We can produce one-off customer pieces or produce batches of mirrors for commercial applications. So, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Made To Measure Mirrors

We are able to create made to measure mirrors for many different applications. As well as using mirrors in our homes, numerous businesses also need mirrors. Hence, we can provide individual and multi-buy mirrors for orders of any size. Our mirrors can be used for:

  • Public restrooms
  • Leisure facility changing rooms
  • Specialist mirrors for gyms and dance studios
  • Beauty salons, barbers and hairdressers
  • Restrooms in pubs, restaurants and eateries
  • Holiday resorts, such as hotels and caravans
  • Clothing stores and changing rooms
  • Household bathroom mirrors
  • Dressing table mirrors
  • Decorative household mirrors
  • and much more

Mirrors For Gyms

Mirrors are important in training spaces as they allow users to check their form for safer exercising. Therefore, in addition to traditional round, square and oval mirrors for wall hanging, we also produce specialist mirrors for gyms and dance studios. These mirrors can be custom-made to fit your training space. So, whether you are looking for floor-to-ceiling mirrors, half-wall mirrors or you have obstacles to negotiate we can cut your mirrors precisely.

Decorative Mirrors

Not only are mirrors used to check our appearance, but some are also used for design purposes. Many homes and businesses use mirrors to add the illusion of space and for aesthetic appeal. They can add a modern and minimalist feel or can be combined with shabby chic frames for a more traditional or rustic feel. From patterns and lettering through to unique mirror panels we can cut mirrors to any measurements you provide. Thus helping to transform your home or business and bring your design aspirations to life.

Replacement Mirror Glass

Broken mirror? The bad luck is already over because Southmead Glass & Glazing can cut you a perfect replacement for your frame or furniture. It will be like it never happened! We can cut your replacement mirror glass to perfectly match the original and even help with mounting or installation if required. This is a compete service that we are proud to be able to provide for our customers. Contact us today.

Contact Southmead Glass & Glazing

Call us today to order mirrors in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath, North Somerset or any neighbouring areas. You can collect your custom made mirrors from our unit or we can arrange delivery. So, get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Our team are waiting to help.